The list of master traders

TRADING789 provides the list of master traders who please to show their performance for other traders in order that they can study and have an idea of forex trading. Traders can consider their results such as capitals, number of win and lose and amount of profit or loss and then choose one or more master traders to make copy trades. The outcome of their trading will be shown on TRADING789 social trade account, that traders who have Trading 789 account can ask our support about the details.

Forex trading competition

This Trading 789’s competition is a special offer that the company arranges for clients to show how they make their efficiency as the master in real trading by they can compete each other under Trading789’s rules and conditions, then they will be determined their results by Trading 789’s professional team to judge the winner and get the reward from us.

The competition has 3 months period for measuring the accomplishment to educate how to make profit with unexpected and uncontrollable circumstances. By the way, trading 789 plan to organize Forex trading competition at least 2 times a year.

Remark: Please remind that you will gain benefits on social trading networks or copy trading platforms when you have realistic expectations, diversification, effort, high risk management and patience.