Social trade is an innovation on forex investing for traders who desire to reduce their own risks by following and copying forex trading masters or veterans in the Forex market.

Who master or veteran is

A master is a person who has knowledge and had long experience to analyze price behavior accurately in Forex market, especially he or she can control his/her emotional, thinking and attitude to create interesting productivity on investment until people would like to follow and copy their trading style.

How social trade works

Social trade works on the basis of social network like Facebook, but a social trading network provides a nurturing environment where masters can show their data, strategies, methods and ideas.

There are many activities that our company arranges for our clients to make a relationship or friends such as seminars, trips, competitions that all these things are enable to build possibility of social trade network. The feature that is enable the social trade calls “Copy trade”.

Why social trade is

  • Save costs of consulting an investment portfolio manager
  • Easy way to make new friends
  • Knowledge exchange
  • Risk diversification

What is copy trade?

Copy Trade is to follow the masters who you are interested in their trading performance and then copy the way they trade that traders can choose to copy trading one or more masters under Forex broker’s conditions

How copy trade works

When traders open a social trade account and have capital equal or greater than the master, traders can do the copy trade and monitor the master anytime. In case of the master can make the profit, traders will get the profit as well, anyway every investment has risks, when the master get loss, traders will also get loss. The reason why traders have to have capital equal or greater than the master, because traders can open number of lots as the same as the master and also reducing risks of open orders.

Copy trade Terms and Conditions

  1. The company is a service provider of copy trade program for traders’ convenience.
  2. Clients can apply for being a master in order to be available for traders doing copy trade promptly.
  3. Investors can do a copy trade with anybody that they have to accept all risks themselves. The company is not involved any profit or loss by masters.
  4. A master needs to inform the company when he or she found the unusual graph of trading immediately for solving the problem.
  5. A master has to do trading without taking the advantage of system error that make the damage of the company.
  6. The unanimous decision of the company is final.