When top up, get iPhone Xs Max quickly

When top up, get iPhone Xs Max quickly.This is a great deal to offer it again.
When top up with us 25,000USD, then make an appointment to get iPhone Xs Max which is the top capacity worth more than 57,900 baht !!

Terms and conditions of Iphone XS Max promotion

1. Deposit $25,000, get Iphone XS Max  1 unit
2. Traders who withdraw or/and receive withdrawals within the promotion period will not receive a bonus credit
3. This promotion is valid for 1 unit per person only 
4. The funds can not withdraw until the client makes 200 lots of trading in four months after the 
deposit date
5. Profit of trading can withdraw normally not including number of lot size
6. All terms and conditions can be changed anytime

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