Countdown to Christmas with Credit bonus 50%

Terms and conditions of credit bonus promotion on Countdown to christmas with credit bonus 50%

1. The credit bonus promotion will be applied only once for 1 person / 1 time / 1 right.
2. 50% credit bonus starts from 22th Nov until 31 Dec 2018 only.
3. To get this credit bonus promotion, when the client tops up at least $100 and maximum $5,000.
4. The client who would like to get this deal could not withdraw the money after the promotion launches.
5. If the client withdraw the money after getting the credit bonus, the credit bonus will be deducted automatically.
6.The client can withdraw the money under our terms and conditions of withdrawal
7. When our staff founds the client using the weakness of rules or error of conditions, the staff can stop the withdrawal transaction promptly.

8. Our staff’s decision is final and not subject to appeal.

Remark : Trading789 offers this promotion so that customers take this credit bonus to prevent you from getting stopped out due to margin call. Therefore, customers are not allowed to make overtrade after receiving this credit bonus.

Random Q/A

Q: What is SPDR or Spider?

A: SPDR is an exchange-trade fund (ETF) that most of investers are well known. Because it is the biggest gold fund in the world which has the market share about 78% of gold ETFs (Total of gold ETFs are 15 gold ETFs). The investors can track changing of daily gold holdings of SPDR, so the gold ETFs are traded on a daily basis can be the one of indicator that the investors use to analyze their investment. Most of gold ETFs are invested by US and Europe investors.

Q: What is SPDR or Spider comes from?

A: a Standart & Poor's depositary receipt

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